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I’m glad you asked: Will God send people to hell for not believing in a Jesus they’ve never heard of?

Jeremiah 25:3-16 In 2011 Pastor Rob Bell released a New York Times best-seller called “Love Wins”. In his book he calls into question the traditional Christian teaching about the existence of hell, and one of the objections he brings is that it’s unjust for people “to suffer in eternal agony because they didn’t believe in the Jesus they never heard of.” Listen in as we consider this highly emotive and crucial topic.

Isaiah: Vol 9: 4 of 4: The Conqueror

Isaiah 59-63“A dangerous monster threatens a community. One man takes it on himself to kill the beast and restore happiness to the kingdom”. This basic plotline of so many stories and films expresses one of the deepest longings of the human heart. It finds its fulfilment in the coming conqueror of the final section of Isaiah’s prophecy.