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R.S.V.P: 1 OF 3: Come!

Isaiah 55:1-5In the course of our lives we may receive many different invitations – to parties, to weddings, to marry someone, to take a new job, to subscribe to Horse & Hounds…But the greatest invitation of all is God’s offer of abundant life in his kingdom. What makes it so special, and what response does he call us to?

Noah: 2 of 2: The end of the world is just the beginning…

Genesis 8:20-9:17 Is God fundamentally for this world or against it? We tend to assume that God is a detached, benign, old grandfather who will let the world just tick on indefinitely. But how can we be so sure? And don’t biblical stories like Noah’s flood indicate that this world is not as safe a place as we like to think? These are the questions we’ll be considering today as we conclude our series on Noah.