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What are you pursuing in 2020?

1 Timothy 6:3-21 As the new year approaches, we have a chance to think through what it is we want to achieve in 2020. Whilst many around us chase money and earthly possessions, Paul calls us to chase something dramatically different. Here he warns us of the dangers of the path chasing earthly treasures and the great promises reserved for those who chase godliness in Christ.

5G Work

Various Work takes up a big portion of our lives, but what is the point? Where does regular work fit into God’s purposes? If we were really keen would we all be going into fulltime paid gospel ministry? In this talk we consider the five ‘G’s of a biblical perspective on work!

R.S.V.P: 3 OF 3: Depart!

Isaiah 52:1-12Whether it’s with reference to the NHS in Wales or to Europe in the light of the Greek crisis, recent headlines have warned against “sleepwalking into disaster”. But there is a spiritual equivalent. To stop us making the same mistake, God calls us to wake up and to depart. But what does that mean?

Isaiah: Vol 9: 3 of 4: The Wait

Isaiah 56:1-57:5According to one survey, over a lifetime we spend 27 days waiting for trains and 6 whole months waiting in queues. But waiting is actually integral to the Christian life. We are waiting for salvation. But Christian waiting is an active thing, characterised by the three hallmarks in this passage.