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5G Work

Various Work takes up a big portion of our lives, but what is the point? Where does regular work fit into God’s purposes? If we were really keen would we all be going into fulltime paid gospel ministry? In this talk we consider the five ‘G’s of a biblical perspective on work!

I’m glad you asked: What’s wrong with pick and mix religion?

Exodus 32 How would you complete this sentence – ‘I like to think God is…’? Whether it’s our time, our money or our priorities, it’s tempting to reshape God until he’s exactly what we want him to be. But do we actually have the authority to make those kind of decisions? Listen in as God’s people try and do just this as they build the golden calf.

Daniel: Vol 2: 1 of 3: God’s survival manual – When the temperature’s rising…

Daniel 3:1-18 William Wilberforce campaigned for most of his adult life, often against violent opposition, to end the British slave-trade. Martin Luther King even gave his life in the cause of civil rights in the US. When we hear about these heroes who stood for what they believed in against the world, we admire them but we doubt we would be able to show such resolve. Listen in as we consider the Bibles call on us to stand against the crowd, and how we can be empowered to do it.