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Good News (15) – Listen to him

Mark 9:1-29 ‘If you’re lucky, you’ll be shot. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be sent to a political prison camp’. To follow Christ in North Korea, you need to be convinced it’s worth it eternally. But even in our much easier context, there is a cost to true discipleship, and so we need to be convinced too. We need proof of future life. And that is what the Transfiguration is all about.

Be thinking: Where is God when life hurts?

Daniel 3:19-30If it hasn’t happened to us already then it’s very likely to be just a matter of time before we experience painful, seemingly pointless, tragedy. When this happens the question: “Where is God when life hurts?” becomes not just a philosophical question but a real and practical one. Listen in as we consider what anchors we need to put in place before the storm hits.