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Good News (22) – Be on your guard!

Mark 13:1-37 Imagine if, as with Covid and terrorism, we also had five spiritual threat levels for Christians in the UK. Where would you put the current threat level? How big a spiritual threat is there to believers? What action should we be taking? Jesus tells us in this final block of teaching before his death.

Life Lessons: The slippery slope

1 Kings 11:1-25When Christians fall away and give up on the Christian faith, it often seems to come out of the blue. But more often than not it is the result of smaller compromises, sometimes many years before, which in time had a domino-effect. That was certainly the case for King Solomon, and if we are wise we will learn from his downfall.

Jonah 3: Undeserved

Jonah 3v1-10 Sometimes we’re given warnings that are overblown and over-cautious (think: ‘caution, may contain nuts’). But some warnings need us to sit up and take note. Listen in to this warning from Jonah – to Nineveh, and ultimately to us.