Remembrance 2020: Peace with God

Romans 5:1 Every year at Remembrance we give thanks for the peace that we enjoy as a nation, and we remember those whose sacrifice made this peace possible. But it is also an opportunity to reflect on another dimension of peace, which we may perhaps not think about so much, but which is even more important – and that is, peace with God. Why does it matter? And how do we get it?

Good News (5) – God’s family

Mark 3:7-35 ‘Oh when the saints, go marching in, O Lord I want to be in that number’. If we understand what is at stake, we’ll want to make sure that we are in that number. But there are many ways to end up outside the people of God. And some who think they’re inside are actually outside. This passage reveals how to make sure we’re in.

Good News (4) – New Wine

Mark 2:18-3:6 In the UK more than half of adults identify as ‘religiously unaffiliated’, or ‘nones’ as they are called. It increases to 70% for those under 30. More and more people want nothing to do with religion – but the good news is, Jesus felt the same way about religion in his day. What is the difference between following Jesus and Christless religion? That’s what this talk explores.